Paul Athans Onjoro, Sauline Beatrice Nyakira, James K Tuitoek



 A study was conducted to compare the effects of feeding Morus alba (Mulberry) with Calliandra calothyrsus (Calliandra) legume forages as protein supplements to a basal diet ensiled sugarcane tops. Twelve (12) dairy goats (Toggenburg, Alpine and their crosses) were used to measure feed intake and milk yields. Sugarcane tops silage was offered as a basal diet and supplemented with Mulberry and Calliandra each at two levels of 200g and 300g.


The total DMI was significantly higher (P<0.05) in the supplemented groups than the unsupplemented group but not different among supplemented groups. The total DMI was lower (P<0.05) for the unsupplemented animals. Daily milk yields ranged from 0.12 to 0.28 kg/d. Total milk yields were similar across the groups. However, the highest total milk yield was produced by the group fed 300g Mulberry. Does fed diet D (200g Calliandra) had the highest DMI although milk yield was highest for does fed diet C (300g Mulberry).

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